How to Connect Elastix to Yeastar TE

1. Introduction

This application note shows how to connect Elastix to Yeastar TE Series devices via SIP trunking. In this guide, we will take Yeastar TE100 for example, same configuration will apply to other TE series products.


  • Make outbound calls from Elastix via the E1 trunks of Yeastar TE directly.
  • Receive calls from E1 trunks of Yeastar TE at Elastix.


IP address of Elastix:
IP address of Yeastar TE100:
E1 DID range: 5551000-5551099
E1 DOD range: 5551000-5551099

                                                                                 Figure   1


2. Connect Elastix to Yeastar TE

2.1 Create a Service Provider SIP Trunk on Elastix

Path: PBX→Trunks→Add SIP Trunk

                                                                               Figure   2

                                                                               Figure   3

PEER Details:

  • host=
  • type=peer
  • qualify=yes
  • disallow=all
  • allow=ulaw,alaw,gsm

After creating the SIP trunk, we can check the status of this trunk, it should be OK.

Path:PBX→Option→Unembedded freePBX
Login the FreePBX Asterisk CLI, enter the command "sip show peers" and click "Execute", the status will be seen.

                                                                            Figure    4

2.2 Create a VoIP Trunk on Yeastar TE

Path: Gateway→VoIP Settings→VoIP Trunk→Add VoIP Trunk
Choose "Service Provider" mode, and fill in Elastix IP address.

                                                                           Figure   5

  • Trunk Type: Service Provider
  • Provider Name: Elastix
  • Hostname/IP:

After save and apply the changes, you will see the trunk is ‘registered’ in ‘Line Status’.
Path:‍Status→System Status→Trunk Status

                                                                            Figure   6

3. Outgoing Call from Elastix Extension via E1

                                                                        Figure    7


3.1 Create an Outbound Route on Elastix

Path: PBX→Outbound Routes→Add Route

Choose the VoIP trunk "NeoGate_TE" and set the rule for the outbound as the picture shows, which allows users to dial out any number out.

                                                                                   Figure    8


3.2 Create ‘Elastix_to_TE’ Route

Path: Gateway--Routes Settings---Routes List

                                                                                Figure    9

  • Simple Mode: Yes 
  • Call Comes in From: ServiceProvider-Elastix. 
  • Send Call Through: Trunk—E1Trunk1.


3.3 Set DOD for Elastix Extension on TE

                                                                              Figure    10

For example, we set extension 1000 as DID number 5551000.When you use extension 1000 to make outgoing call via TE, callee will see the caller ID number 5551000.


4. Incoming Calls from E1 to Elastix

                                                                        Figure    11


4.1 Create an Inbound Route on Elastix

Path: PBX→Inbound Call Control→Inbound Routes

In this guide, we set the DID number as 5551000 and set destination to extension 1000.

                                      Figure    12

  • DID number: 5551000 (which is same to the E1 trunk external number)
  • Set Destination: 1000


4.2 Create ‘TE_To_Elastix’ Route on Yeastar TE

Path: Gateway→Routes Settings→Routes List

                                                                         Figure    13

  • Simple Mode: Yes 
  • Call Comes in From: Trunk—E1Trunk1. 
  • Send Call Through: ServiceProvider-Elastix. 

After saving the settings, you can dial the E1 DID number 5551000, the call will be routed to the extension 1000 on Elastix.



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    Very useful, even for Issabel PBX.

    Please keep supporting Issabel PBX ,the successor to Elastix.

    Some of us in Uganda heavily rely on Elastix/Issabel PBX and Yearstar hardware.

    The two work together like a husband and wife in deep and everlasting love.

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    Thank you for this quick and handy guide.

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    Works like a charm with Issabel/Elastix. Thank you.

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    Thank you, still works like a charm with Issabel/Elastix.

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    all it is working fine but this
    not working
    3.3 Set DOD for Elastix Extension on TE

    Thank You For Your help

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