How to Connect Tribox to Yeastar TG

1. Introduction

This application note shows how to connect Tribox to Yeastar TG using SIP Trunking.
In this guide, we tested Yeastar TG400 with Tribox; the same configuration will apply to other TG series products.


  • Make outbound calls from Tribox via the GSM trunks of Yeastar TG directly.
  • Receive calls through GSM trunks of Yeastar TG at Tribox.


  • IP address of Yeastar TG400:
  • IP address of Tribox:


                                                                                              Figure 1


2. Connect Tribox to Yeastar TG

2.1 Create a VoIP Trunk on Yeastar TG

Path: Gateway--VOIP Settings--VOIP trunk--Add VOIP Trunk.
Choose “Service Provider” mode, and fill in Tribox IP address.

                                                                                        Figure 2

  • Trunk Type: Service Provider
  • Provider Name: Tribox
  • Hostname/IP

After saving and applying the changes, you will see the trunk is ‍“Registered” in ‍“Line Status”.
Path:‍ Status--System Status--Trunk Status

                                                                                      Figure 3


2.2 Create a VoIP Trunk on TriBox

Path: PBX ->Admin -> Setup TrunksAdd SIP Trunk

                                                                                            Figure 4

  • Trunk Name: TG400
  • host=
  • type=peer
  • context=from-trunk
  • qualify=yes
  • disallow=all
  • allow=ulaw,alaw,gsm

After creating SIP Trunking, we can check the trunk status, it should be OK.
Path: PBX--Admin--Tools--Asterisk CLI
Enter the command ‘sip show peers’ and click ‘Execute’.

                                                                                     Figure 5


3. Mobile to IP
In this section, we will configure incoming call to TriBox through Yeastar TG.

                                                                                         Figure 6


3.1 Create a "Mobile to IP" Route on Yeastar TG

Path: Gateway--Routes Settings--Mobile to IP

  • Simple Mode: No
  • Call Source: Mobile—GSM1. You can select any GSM line or mobile group. Here we select GSM1.
  • Call Destination: SPS-TriBox. All the calls from GSM1 will be sent to TriBox via this trunk.
  • Hotline: 15105989843. You can enter the number as 15105989843 in this field, which is the SIM card number.

                                                                                          Figure 7


3.2 Create an Inbound Route on Tribox

Path: PBX--Admin--Setup Inbound Routes

  • Description: From_TG400
  • DID Number: 15105989843. DID number should be same to the Hotline number which you set in TG’s Mobile to IP route.
  • Set Destination: Extension 302. The call which DID is 15105989843 will try to ring extension 302.

                                                                                       Figure 8

Now we can test incoming calls for TriBox. If you dial the GSM1 number on TG400, the call will be routed to the extension 302 on TriBox.


4. IP to Mobile

In this section, we will configure outbound call from Tribox through Yeastar TG.

                                                                                           Figure 9


4.1 Create an Outbound Route on Tribox

Path: Setup->Basic->Outbound Routes

                                                                                    Figure 10

  • Route Name: To_TG400
  • Dial Patterns: 9. You can also set other prefix. If you set like this, all the calls which number starts with 9, will be sent to TG400.
  • Trunk Sequence: SIP/TG400


4.2 Create a "IP to Mobile" Route on TG400

Path: Gateway--Routes Settings--IP to Mobile

  • Simple Mode: Yes
  • Route Name: From_TriBox
  • Call Source: SPS—TriBox
  • Outbound Dialpattern: 9. This is same to the dial pattern in TriBox
  • Strip: 1. Because TriBox sent 9+destination number, we should delete 9 before sending the number out.
  • Call Destination: Mobile—GSM1

                                                                                        Figure 11

Save it and apply the changes, then you can dial outbound calls from Tribox via Yeastar TG directly.


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