How to Configure Simultaneous Ring

1 Simultaneous Ring

For many people, it is not realistic to stay in the office all day. You may step out of the office to grab a coffee; you may be on the road from time to time; or you may be on a business trip. With MyPBX simultaneous ring solution, you can take your calls wherever are, whether it's the satellite office, at home, or from your cell phone.

In this guide, we introduce two methods to configure simultaneous ring on office phone and your cell phone.

● Ring the office phone and your cell phone simultaneously.
● Ring the office phone and the mobile softphone simultaneously.

2 Ring the Office Phone & the Cell Phone Simultaneously

With MyPBX "Mobility Extension" feature, you can make your cell phone and the office phone ring simultaneously as soon as a call comes in.

                       Figure 2-1 Ring the Office Phone & the Cell Phone Simultaneously

You need to enable the "Mobility Extension", and fill in your mobile phone number as "Mobility Extension Number". Check "Ring Simultaneously", the mobile phone and the extension will ring at the same time when a call reaches the extension.

Note: "Ring Simultaneously" option is supported on MyPBX firmware version above X.19.0.21.

                                                         Figure 2-2 Mobility Extension

The "Outbound Prefix" should be set according to the outbound route. For example, the outbound route is set as the Figure 2-3 shows.

                                                        Figure 2-3 Outbound Route

  • Dial Pattern: 9.
  • Strip: 1 

We should set the "Outbound Prefix" as "9" in “Mobility Extension” setting.

Note: Please make sure that the trunk is available to establish an outgoing call to your mobile phone.

Now, the office's phone and your mobile phone will ring simultaneously as soon as a call comes in.


3 Ring the Office Phone & the Mobile Softphone Simultaneously

Another way to make the office phone and your mobile phone ring simultaneously is to register the same extension with different protocols on the phones. In this guide, we register a SIP extension on office phone and register one IAX extension on the mobile softphone.

Note: The two extensions' numbers are the same.

               Figure 3-1 Ring the Office Phone & the Mobile Softphone Simultaneously


3.1 Create a SIP/IAX Extension on MyPBX

Create an extension on MyPBX, and choose the extension Type as "SIP/IAX".

                                                                 Figure 3-2 SIP/IAX Extension


3.2 Register a SIP Extension on the Office Phone

                                              Figure 3-3 Register A SIP Extension on IP Phone

Note: Most of the IP phones only support SIP protocol.


3.3 Register an IAX Extension on Mobile Softphone

Before configuration, make sure that the softphone app is installed on your cell phone. Here we take Zoiper softphone as an example.
Note: The softphone should support IAX protocol.
A remote IAX extension should be registered on the mobile softphone when you are outside the office. Please follow the steps to register one remote IAX extension on your mobile softphone.

Step 1. Set port forwarding in the router for MyPBX.

In this guide, the router’s public IP is; MyPBX private IP is The default IAX port is 4569.
Since MyPBX is behind the router, to register an remote extension via the Internet, you need to forward the IAX port in your router, so all the packets received on the router WAN port ( will be forwarded to the MyPBX (

Below is the setting page in a Linksys router.

                                          Figure 3-4 Port Forwarding on Linksys Router

Step 2. Register an IAX extension on mobile softphone.

1) Open Zoiper APP on your mobile phone, and click "Accounts".

Figure 3-5 Zoiper Accounts

2) Click "Add Account".

Figure 3-6 Add Account

3) Choose "IAX".

Figure 3-7 Choose IAX Type

4) Configure the IAX account.

Figure 3-8 IAX Account

  • Account Name: 300
  • Host: MyPBX Public IP
  • Password: Rvcpup264
  • Caller ID: 300
  • Caller Number: 300

5) Click "Save" and check the account status.

Figure 3-9 IAX Account Status

Now, when a call reaches MyPBX extension 300, the office phone and the mobile softphone will ring at the same time.

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    what if ? i am not using Wifi . i want to use my cellular data as i am going out of station .

    which IP have to use and how to configure that ? as i am having Draytek vigor router and Mypbx U100 and Fanvil C62 Extensions.


    please help !!  

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    Is there any way to accomplish this on MyPBX U100 using only SIP on two phones? I have a desktop office phone and a cordless dect phone I want to ring simultaneously and use same EXT. Neither phone supports IAX account. I know this is possible on newer Yeastar S100 PBX by enabling multiple EXT setting, can you do this on U100 as well somehow?

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    Marko Kohne I have a s100. Where is the setting to enable multiple EXT settings

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