Combine MyPBX with Xtelsio CTI Client


Xtelsio CTI Client is kind of software which allows people control their phone communication simply by mouse click. It’s possible to dial telephone numbers from within other applications through an integrated TAPI connector. MyPBX supports such an interfaces which can allows the xtelsio CTI Client access to us. More configuration info please refers the following.

1. MyPBX Configuration

AMI MUST be enabled on MyPBX to allow the xtelsio CTI Client to access.

                                                                                                          Figure 1-1

The Username and Password can be set according to your preference. In this guide, the user name and password are set by following:
User Name: tapi
Password: yeastar123

Note: Please enable AMI (AMI setting->Enable AMI) add permitted IP address/subnet mask and apply changes on MyPBX.

2. Download and Install xtelsio CTI Client
Please refer the below link for more information:

1) Download and install “xtelsio CTI Client”.
2) Run steup.exe and follow the dialogs to install it.
After the above two steps you will see the below figure.

                                                                                                    Figure 1-2

3. Xtelsio CTI Client Configuration

xtelsio CTI Client needs to configure the TAPI driver. TAPI driver uses the functions of the Asterisk Manager via TCP/IP connection. Please follow the steps below to connect xtelsio CTI Client and MyPBX.

1) Please check the “Options--->PhoneDialog(TAPI device)”.

                                                                                             Figure 1-3

2) Open the driver configuration via: [Create new Phone dialog -> Select TAPI Device--->Asterisk].

                                                                                        Figure 1-4

3) Under "Local TAPI devices" all TAPI lines of all installed TAPI drivers are listed. Here we select ”Asterisk Line 1” then press “Device Configuration”.

                                                                                         Figure 1-5

4) Click “Settings” and set as the following parameters, then figure 1-6 will be showed.

Alias: MyPBX
IP-Address: IP address or host name of MyPBX (e.g:
Port: 5038
Username: tapi
Password: yeastar123

Note: The Username and Password should be the same as you set on MyPBX AMI settings page.

Figure 1-6

5) Click “Connect”, then the below image dialog 1-7 shows a successful Connect and Login.

Figure 1-7

6) Click “OK”, you will see the State “Connected and Logged in” if all is well. On this same screen, in the "Asterisk TAPI Device" section, in the box labeled "Channel", type SIP/ followed by the extension number MyPBX which is registered. For example, if the extension number is 128, enter "SIP/128" in the channel box. Also put the person’s display name into the "Your Name" box. Click OK.

                                                                                        Figure 1-8

7) Click a series of “OK” and back to main page of xtelsio CTI Client Pro.

                                                                                                Figure 1-9


4. Some Test with MyPBX and xtelsio CTI Client

1) Create some contact in phone book and Make a call

As the below figure 1-10 shown, you can add the contact person in the ”private” and “Access-DB” options of “PhoneBook”. As the first PhoneStack shown, when click the green “dial”, the 128 extension will ring, and 128 shows the incoming call is “Unknown” here because MyPBX ( makes this call now. When 128 answers this call, MyPBX will calls 106 and 128 will hears the ringing tone at that time. After 106 answers that call, 128 and 106 will start to set a conversation.

                                                                                    Figure 1-10

2) Features on xtelsio CTI Client

Some features can be used in the red frame, please refer the following Figure 1-11.

A. Such as if you press Ctrl +R or the ”checkmark” signal, 128 will call 109 every 30 seconds.

                                                                                               Figure 1-11

B. If you press Ctrl +P or enable the “pickup” signal, and I take the following example here. Refer the Figure 1-12, 122 receives an incoming call from 128, and 106 inputs the 122 in the blank of “pickup” feature before 122 answers the call, then 106 and 128 will start a conversation.

                                                                                      Figure 1-12

                                                                                          Figure 1-13

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    Dear Mandy Wang,

    I have here MyPBX Standard with firmware f2.18.0.22.

    I installed xtelsio TAPI driver v1.1.098 and I used 2 types of CTI client: one a portuguese software and other the xtelsio CTI client Pro.

    In both softwares I have a problem: in an incoming call, when I press answer button of sw to answer the call it happens nothing and call continues to ring in SIP phone. If I answer the call in SIP phone the CTI sw receives the information from MyPBX that the call was answered. Then I can hang-up in sw or in SIP phone without problems.

    So I need to always answer an incoming call in phone and not in CTI client sw.

    How can we solve this?

    Best Regards,


    Moisés Cabrita


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    For the problem from Moises, we have a solution here. 

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