How to Configure BLF on Cisco SPA IP phones with MyPBX

1. Login the phone with Admin and Advance mode.

2. Before configuring the BLF, please go to the "Attendant Console" menu check the Server Type as "Asterisk" like the figure below, this is an important step.

3. Then go to the "Phone" menu to configure the line key like the following settings:

Example for monitoring extension 109 at MyPBX(IP address
Extension: Disabled
Short Name: 109
Share Call Appearance: private
Extended Function: fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=109@;ext=109

Basically "fnc=blf;sub=109@;ext=109" is working as well.

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    Does the same procedure work to configure BLF on Cisco SPA IP phones with Panasonic KX-HTS32 IP-PABX?

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    Note that the Cisco SPA phone would use the 1st account proxy as the SIP From URI. So make sure the 1st account is the Yeastar account.

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    I am trying to setup up blf on Cisco CP 7861 3PCC with pbx Yeastar S50. I made the changes your are mention above. On extended function i wrote fnc=blf;sub=YYYY@XXXX;ext=YYYY where YYYY is the extension number. And XXXX my yeastar IP address. But the button have a amber color and is not functioning.
    Thank you.

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    I have the 8851 (CP-8851-3PPC) with the software 11.3.2 MPP and I have exactly the same problem.

    The Button have an amber color and is not functioning.


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