How to Manage Contacts Using MySMS


A contact list allows you to target and text contacts with common interests. Once you have all your contacts created on MySMS, you can send SMS messages to a single contact or a group or all contacts by directly selecting rather than typing in the numbers manually each time. 

1.1  Contact List

Click the Contact List option on the left-hand navigation bar, you can manage the contacts on the page.

                                                                     Figure 1-1 Contacts List

  • Add Contact

1.Click Add Contact button to create an individual contact.
2.Enter the name, phone number and other information in the pop-up window.

                                                      Figure 1-2 Add Contact

*The Name and Phone fields are required.
3.Click Save, then the contact is successfully created.

  • Remove Contact

1.Select the desired contacts and then click Remove Contact.
2.Click OK to remove the contacts.
3.Click Cancel to keep the contacts.

Figure 1-3 Remove Contacts

  • Remove All

1.Click Remove All.
2.Click Ok to clear the contact list.
3.Click Cancel to keep all the contacts.

Figure 1-4 Remove All

  • Import Contact

1.Click Import Contact, then you will see a pop-up window that allows you to import contact.
2.Click SELECT FILE to upload the contact file. Or you can download the sample file by clicking the Contact.xls or Contact.csv to get the contact file with the right format for editing.

  • Export Contact

Click Export to export all of the contacts.

  • Search Contact

You can search the contact by “Name” and “Phone”.

Figure 1-5 Search Contact


1.2  Contact Group

Contacts created in the Contact List can be divided into groups. It makes sending SMS messages to multiple contacts more efficiently by focusing on one group at a time.

                                                                  Figure 1-6 Contact Group

  • Add Group

1.Click Add Group button to create a new group.
2.Enter the group name and select the desired contacts to the right box.

                                         Figure 1-7 Add Contact Group

3.Click Save to save the contact group.

  • Remove Group

1.Select the desired group and click Remove Group.
2.Click Ok to remove the group.
3.Click Cancel to keep the group.

Figure 1-8 Remove Group

  • Search Group

The contact groups can be searched by “Group Name”.

Figure 1-9 Search Group


1.3  Blacklist

You can add inbox and outbox blacklist numbers separately. For SMS from inbox blacklist number, it will be abandoned. For SMS sending to outbox blacklist number, MySMS will ignore it.

                                                                     Figure 1-10 Blacklist

  • Add Blacklist

1.Click Add to add blacklist.
2.Select the Type as Inbox or Outbox, and fill the right number.
3.Click Save to take effect.

  Figure 1-11 Add Blacklist

  • Remove Blacklist

1.Select the desired blacklist number.
2.Click OK to remove the blacklist number.
3.Click Cancel to keep the blacklist number.

Figure 1-12 Remove Blacklist

  • Remove All

1.Click Remove All
2.Click OK to clear the blacklist numbers.
3.Click Cancel to keep all the blacklist numbers.

Figure 1-13 Remove All Blacklist

  • Autoblack Keyword

This is useful for SMS marketing. You can add the keyword in case the customer doesn’t want to receive the SMS any more, so that the customer is able to cancel the subscription by replying the keyword.

Figure 1-14 Autoblack Keyword

  • Search Blacklist

The blacklist can be searched by “Number” and “Type”.

Figure 1-15 Search Blacklist

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