Economical and Efficient Remote Office Solution

Work is no longer about one place, but an activity could be done from almost anywhere. And more and more businesses are embracing the idea that remote office connectivity greatly saves them costs by eliminating site to site calling charges, and dramatically improves efficiency as workers at multiple locations can reach each other easily.

If you have multiple office locations, MyPBX gives you the convenience connecting these offices economically and effectively. You are allowed to enjoy a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy remote office solution with the use of MyPBX. It’s simple to combine multiple MyPBX via PSTN line, VoIP trunk (SIP trunk/IAX trunk) or P2P mode.

Once you link multiple MyPBX systems, you will be able to make free inter-office calls, share trunks among these offices to extend your available resources across your multiple locations, and maintain control of employees and costs.

Remote office solution helps people work together to solve problems, make decisions, and present ideas faster regardless of long distance. Remote office solution also boosts flexibility and productivity by delivering secure and comprehensive data and services to all the workers in multiple branches.

Intercommunication between Two MyPBX (VOIP Trunk):

Intercommunication between Two MyPBX (Peer to Peer Mode):

Intercommunication among Three MyPBX (Peer to Peer Mode):


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