How to use call recording


MyPBX U100/U200/U300 allows you to record the calls automatically. Here is the guide for you to use Call recording for them.

1. Before starting auto recording function, please make sure you have inserted an USB device with the correct format.

2. If you need auto recording function for MyPBX U100/U200/U300, please activate the call recording function by entering a license key in WEB GUI.

3. Call recording in MyPBX U5XX is enabled by default; there is no need to buy any license. You need a hard disk installed in MyPBX before you can enable the call recording feature. HDD/SSD (SATAII) is supported to install.

Below are the suggested hard disks for MyPBX U5XX:

Seagate: ST9500325AS, ST9500420AS, ST9320325AS,ST9500324AS, ST9500323AS, ST9320325AS, ST500LT012, ST9500325ASG, ST320LT007

Hitachi: HTS725050A7E630, HTS541010A9E680, HTS545050A7E380, HTS543232A7A384, HTS545032A7E380, HTS547550A9E384

Samsung: ST250LM004, ST500LM012, ST1000LM024, ST320LM001

Western Digital: WD3200BPVT, WD5000BPKT, WD10JPVT, WD5000LPVT

1. Activate Call Recording

Call Recording enables all your inbound and outbound phone calls to be recorded. The system would detect any call conversation and record them automatically. The call recordings would be saved in the folder you specify and stored in the USB.
Path: System -> System Preferences -> Addons

                                                 Figure 1

After activation, the page will show as below:

                                                 Figure 2

2. Login
From your web browser, input the IP address of the MyPBX server.
Log in the system with the monitor account:

User Name: monitor
Password: password

                                                    Figure 3

MyPBX firmware upgrade follow-up:

· Clean the cache and cookies of the browser before login.

· There is a compatibility issue with IE11. Configure IE11 browser "Compatibility View Settings", add MyPBX IP address, and check "Display Intranet sites in Compatibility View" and "Use Microsoft compatibility lists".

See the following picture. MyPBX IP is in this example.

                                                  Figure 4

                           Figure 5

3. Network Preferences

3.1 USB Devices

                                                       Figure 6

If the format is incorrect, system will prompt you to format it. So click the “Format USB” button. After that the prompt will disappear as Figure 7 below shows.

                                                        Figure 7

1) USB Device information
In this page, we can check the USB Device information, such as USB Model, Type, Disk Size, and Storage Info and so on.

2) USB Devices Management
·Format USB
Formatting will erase all data on the USB, and initialize the USB Device.

·Clear USB
Clearing will erase all data on the USB.

·Remove USB Safely
When ticked, the USB Device will be removed safely.


1. Please do not remove USB device when recording a call, or else USB device will be damaged.
2. To remove the USB device, click the button "Remove USB Safely" and follow the instructions.


1.When 95% of the USB device’s storage space is used up, the system will automatically delete the old recordings in a chronological manner until the used space is smaller than 85%.

2.Every second of a call recording uses about 8 KB space. The following shows the storage capacity of USB device and its relevant recording hours.

                                                              Figure 8

3.2 Recording Settings

1) General Preferences
Note: Before enabling call recording, please make sure that the USB storage or the Net Disk performs well.

·Enable Call Recording
Enable this function here. You can tick:
a. Record Inbound calls
b. Record Outbound calls
c. Record Internal calls
d. Record Callback calls
e. Record Conferences calls.

·Storage Location
After enabling Call recording, you can choose where to store the recordings, in the Network Disk or in the USB.

·Record Outbound Prompt
If call recording is enabled, the callee of outbound calls will hear the preconfigured prompt reminding them that the conversation is being recorded.
If you tick the option “Written to the Recording file”, the prompt will also be recorded.

2) Apply To
·Trunks Recording
When ticked, all calls through the selected trunks will be recorded.

·Extensions Recording
When ticked, all calls made by the selected extensions will be recorded.

Conferences Recording
When ticked, all conversations through the selected conferences will be recorded.

                                         Figure 9

4. Advanced Settings

4.1 Share settings

Configure this setting to share the recording files on the network.

·User Name
The user name to access the files

The password for the user name

·Share Name
The name of the folder showed on the network.

                                                   Figure 10

For WIN 7/Vista user, please modify the registry before checking the shared file:

Step1: Start->Run->regedit
Step2: Modify the value of
“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\ LmCompatibilityLevel” to “1”.
If “LmCompatibilityLevel” doesn’t exit, create a Dword value (32bit) “LmCompatibilityLevel” = 1

You can check the recording file on the network by Explorer/Resource Manager
Run: \\ IP of MyPBX
In the picture below, the IP is

                                                       Figure 11

                                                       Figure 12

If you change the password of the share folder, the network users may not be able to check the shared files then.

Please ask the network user to try:
Step1: Start-> Run -> cmd
Step2: net use * /del (there is a space behind *)
Step3: Visit the device again with the new password

4.2 Password Settings

You can change the password of the account “monitor” here.

                                                           Figure 13

4.3 Network Disk Settings

The Network Disk feature is used to extend storage space. If “Storage Location” is set to Network Disk, the call recording files created will be moved to the Net Disk.

Note: The shared folder must be based on Windows Operation System. And if it's windows Vista/2008/7, please add “Everyone” into the shared account list. After that you should ensure that the permission of “Everyone” is checked.

                                         Figure 14

                                                  Figure 15

Before network disk can be properly configured, an SMB share folder accessible from MyPBX must be set up on a Windows based machine. Once that has been set up, please follow the steps below.

                                                     Figure 16

Step 1: Choose a window-based computer that is always in service
Step 2: Create a folder
Step 3: Share this folder

Then we need input the Net-Disk information in “Connect to Network Disk” tab.

                                                        Figure 17

Running Status: It will show the status of Network disk.

Net-Disk Host/IP: Change this to the IP address of the computer where files will be stored.

Net-Disk Share Name: Change this to the name of the shared folder where files will be stored.

Net-Disk Share Username: The user name used to log into the network share. Leave this blank if it is not required. In general, you use the administrator account on PC as a user name here.

Net-Disk Share Password: The password used to log into the network share. Leave this blank if it is not required.

If the configuration is correct, you will see the Network Disk information.

                                                   Figure 18

Then make some calls through trunks or extensions. After that, you can see the recordings in the sharing folder.

                                                   Figure 19

4.4 Auto Recording Management

This feature defines whether extensions can check the call recordings or not, we can also set permissions for call recording management.

                                                Figure 20

Choose the extension number of the manager. Manager can check the call recordings of the selected extensions in the “Allowed Extensions” on the Web User Interface.

·Enable Auto Recording check
The permission to view recordings

·Recording numbers allowed to check
The number of recordings that users can check. Enter “0” or leave this blank empty, the number will not be limited. Enter “3”, for example, the manager can check the latest 3 recordings at most.

Note: The oldest recording will be covered by the latest recording.

·Auto Recording Delete Permission
The permission of deleting recording

·Auto Recording Download Permission
The permission of downloading recording

·Allowed Extensions
You can decide which extension’s calls will be recorded.

For example, we set the extension 101 as a manager and set yes for “Enable Auto Recording check”. And select 102,103 as allowed extensions. Then tick “Allow Record Internal”. Finally, we make a call from 102 to 103. As a result, if you log in Web User interface of extension 101, you can check recording logs in “Auto Recordings” page. But log in that of 102 or 103, you can’t find the auto recordings since it doesn’t have permission.

                                                 Figure 21

5. Report

5.1 Record Logs

You can check all of the recordings of calls made through MyPBX when you log in by “Monitor” account.

The system will detect old CDR files after CDR system update. If there exists old CDR files, system will give you the prompt that whether you want to import the old files or not.

                                                  Figure 22

·Start Search
You are able to search the recording by Start Date to End Date, Extension, Trunk, Duration and Communication Type.

·The Recording List
You can check the ID, Time, Callee, Caller, Trunk, Duration (second), and Communication Type of each recording.
You can play, download or delete the recording files.

                                                     Figure 23


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    Hi we have a client that has a U-100 and now want to activate call recording. This key is not available from our supplier do you know where I can access a key from thanks

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    Hi we have a U-100. How we can change password for user "monitor"? Another person changed the password and forgot it.


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    Hello everyone.

    I have the same problem, someone changed the password an forgot it.

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    The only way I found is to restore to factory settings, and that's it, the password is "password" again.

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    How to setup PBX Standard 

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