How to Automatically Synchronize CDR from MyPBX via Syncovery

This application note shows how to automatically synchronize CDR from MyPBX via Syncovery software. With this function, we can synchronize CDR to your PC from MyPBX in real time.

IP address of MyPBX:
Note: Before login MyPBX via FTP, please make sure that FTP is enabled on MyPBX LAN Settings page.

Login via FTP, the default username is root and the password is ys123456

CDR files are mysql database files. Then you can check them via Navicat software on your PC.

Please download and install it on your PC.
Note: if you need to the format is .csv, please export it on the Call Logs page from web GUI.

Syncovery software is used for backing up data and synchronizes PCs, Macs, servers, notebooks, and online storage space. In below example, we will show you how to synchronize CDR to your PC from MyPBX in real time.

Step 1 Download and install Syncovery on your PC
You can download the software here:
Note: Syncovery isn’t a free software, you may have to buy a license after testing.

Step 2 Click Syncovery to start.

Step 3 Create a new profile.

Figure 1

Step 4 Setup Left-Hand Side for MyPBX.

Figure 2

Enter the below info in order:
1. URL: ftp://MyPBX’s IP address (In this example is
2. User ID (login): root
3. Password: ys123456
Then click the folder button to select FTP folder which save CDR files. The path of CDR file in FTP is: /var/lib/mysql/asteriskcdr
Last, Click “OK”

Figure 3

Step 5 Setup Right-Hand Side to select PC folder which will be used for saving CDR files. In this case is E:/Back up CDR.

Figure 4

Click “Next”.

Step 6 Choose Sync Direction and Subfolders. In this case we choose “Left to Right” and “All”.

Figure 5

Click “Next”.
Step 7 Choose Sync Modes as you like.

Figure 6

Click “Next”

Step 8 Choose File Types as you like.

Figure 7

Click “Next”.

Step 9 Setup timer settings as you like.

Figure 8

Click “Next”.
Step 10 Type profile name as you like, then Save and run project.

Figure 9

Step 11 Click “Start” to run this project.

Figure 10

Figure 11

Figure 12

Step 12 Check the CDR file via Navicat software on your PC.

Figure 13


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    Hello, I used the neogateTG series 800! I would like to know is it the same of the CDR storage in MyPBX and neogate series? 

    Also both used Mysql?


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