How to Control the Outgoing Calls

There are three ways to control the outgoing calls.

1.1 Set up proper outbound routes

The first way is to configure proper outbound route.
Only the selected extension can dial out through the outbound route. If we don’t allow extension 501 to dial out international calls, we just don’t select it in the outbound route.

                                                 Figure 1. outbound route

1.2 Set up a password for the outbound route

The second way is to set up a password for the outbound route.
After that, users need to enter the correct password before he can dial out through this outbound route. In below example when users would like to dial out through the outbound route, they need to enter correct password.

                                                Figure 2. configure pin settings

                                                Figure 3. choose password in outbound route

1.3 Set up PIN user for outbound route

The third way is to set up PIN user for every worker.
PIN user is a list of passwords; it is used to restrict outbound calls. The passwords can be assigned to everybody in the company. When workers want to make outbound calls, they need to press PIN User entry code *89 then system will ask the caller for a PIN number, if the user passes the authentication, he will be able to make outbound calls. This is the daily habit in traditional PABX system.

                                                     Figure 4. PIN User

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