MyPBX Security Configuration Guide(Part 4)-- International Call Limit

1. Limit Call Credit at Provider Side
We can ask VoIP/PSTN/ISDN provider for help to limit the credit of international calls in advance, then the hacker cannot dial international calls. Each provider has its own policy. You can also ask the provider to disable international call if not needed.

2. Set Password for International Call
MyPBX allows you to configure password for outbound routes. Click ‍“PBX--Outbound Call Control--Outbound Route”.

For example, the password you need is 123
Dial pattern: 00. <Don’t miss the dot here>
Password: 123

Choose the allowed extension and the trunk to the right side like this:

Save and apply the changes, when 301 and 302 pick up headsets and dial a international number, MyPBX will ask for the password. If passed, the call will be dialed out; If not, the call will be dropped.

3. Disable international call in MyPBX
We can ask the provider for help to disable international calls in advance, if it’s not possible, we can configure the rules in MyPBX side to drop all the international calls. Here are the detailed steps.

Step1. Create an invalid SIP trunk
Create an invalid SIP trunk in ‍“PBX--VoIP trunk--Service Provider”. The IP address can be an invalid one, like

Save it and apply the changes. The status of this trunk is unreachable of course. That’s what we want.

Step2. Create an oubount route for all extensions and this trunk to route international calls.

ClicK ‍“PBX--Outbound Call Control--Outbound Route”, create a new one:
Name: NoInternational
Dial pattern: 00.   <Don’t miss that dot here>
Strip: 0

Choose all extensions and that special trunk (Invalid_international) to the right side.

Save it and apply the changes. Then click the arrow at the left side to set it to the top.

In this case, all international call requests will be routed to this invalid trunk. Ie.The call is dropped directly.

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