How to Configure Call Routing in MyPBX


It’s very easy to configure call routing in MyPBX, which is in ‘outbound routes’ page, we can just choose the allowed extensions and available trunks with proper dial plan configured, MyPBX will follow the rules when dial out.

1. Dial Plan explanation

Click ‘PBX--outbound routes’ to get this page, there is a default outbound route.

·Route Name
Name of this Outbound Route. Ex: 'Local' or 'Long Distance' etc.

·Dial Pattern
Outbound calls that match this dial pattern will use this outbound route. There are a number of dial pattern characters that have special meanings:
      X : Any Digit from 0-9
      Z : Any Digit from 1-9
      N : Any Digit from 2-9
     [12345-9] : Any digit in the brackets (in this example, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
     The .Character will match any remaining digits. For example, 9011. will match any phone number that starts with 9011, excluding 9011 itself.
     The ! will match none remaining digits, and causes the matching process to complete as soon as it can be determined that no other matches are possible.

Example 1: NXXXXXX will match any 7 digits phone number.
Example 2: 1NXXNXXXXX will match a phone number starting with a 1, followed by a 3-digit area code, and then 6 digit number.

·Strip digits from front
Allows the user to specify the number of digits that will be stripped from the front of the phone number before the call is placed. For example, if users must press 0 before dialing a phone number, one digit should be stripped from the dial string before the call is placed.

·Prepend these digits before dialing
These digits will be prepended to the phone number before the call is placed. For example, if a trunk requires 10 digit dialing, but users are more comfortable with 7 digit dialing, this field could be used to prepend a 3 digit area code to all 7 digit phone numbers before calls are placed.

The route password can be used to protect this route from being accessed without a password.

·T.38 Support
Enable T38 fax in this outbound route (Only for SIP Trunk).

·Rrmemory Hunt
Round robin with memory, remembers which trunk was used last time, and then use the next available trunk to call out.

·Member Extensions
Define the extensions that will be permitted to use this outbound route.

·Member Trunks
Define the trunks that can be used for this outbound route.

Example: customer has got one PSTN trunk that allows dialing out directly, if a prefix (12593) is added, it will be cheaper to dial calls. He can configure the outbound route like this:

2. Least Cost Routing (LCR)
Least cost routing (LCR) is supported in MyPBX.
Example: customer got 3 trunks to dial calls. Here are the least cost saving details:
One PSTN trunk is used for local call; all local numbers are 7 digits.The other PSTN trunk is for national calls, all national numbers start with 1-9,0 is not included.The last SIP trunk (skypeforsip) is used for international calls. International numbers start with 00
Here are the details of 3 rules to route the local, national and international calls.

Local calls:
Dial pattern: XXXXXXX   (7 digits)

National calls:
Dial pattern: ‘  Z.  ’, Z means 1-9,  a point means allow all the rest numbers.

International calls:
Dial pattern: ‘00. ’

This is the 3 correct routes:

When you dial the numbers, MyPBX will check the rule from top to buttom and choose the trunk to dial out for least cost routing.

3. Setup failover trunk when failed to dial out
If you have got several trunks to dial out, we can configure the failover trunk in outbound route, when the first trunk is busy or unavailable, MyPBX will choose the second one to dial out, if they are both busy, MyPBX will choose the third one.

In this example, if pstn5 is busy, MyPBX will choose pstn6 to dial out, if both are busy, pstn8 will be used to dial out.

Note: when Rrmemory Hunt is enabled, MyPBX will choose pstn5 first to dial out, as for the second call after it hangs up, MyPBX will choose pstn6 to dial out by analogy.

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