SNMP List for MyPBX

Here are the detailed items and the path of SNMP. In this example, we can try MIB Browser to check that. Download link: Click Here

The path/Object Identifier Items
. producttype
. hostname
.  Firmware version
. ipaddress
. masaddress
. hardversion
. uptime
. flashusage
. usbusage
. hhdusage
. totalcalls
. internalcalls
. outboundcalls
. answercalls
. failcalls
. busycalls
. noanswercalls
. callsactive
. callsprocessed
. ip
.  interfaces
. memory
. cpu
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    I have a MyPBX SOHO.  How do I enable SNMP on it?

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    I have the same query for myPBX standard

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    Hello Sam, Tecnicos,

    You need a customized firmware which support SNMP, please check with your device provider and see if they have such kind of firmware. If you do business with Yeastar directly, please contact with your Yeastar sale account manager to arrange a support engineer to help you.

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    Good day, my provider (Scoop in South Africa) has no custom firmware, is there surely no other way of getting snmp to function ?

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