How to Check MyPBX’s IP Address via RS232 Console Port

Step1. Connect the network cable to MyPBX.

Step2. Remove the top cover from MyPBX and connect the RS232 cable between MyPBX mainboard/console port and your PC.

Step3. Power on MyPBX.

Step 4. Find your Serial Port.

Right click on "My Computer" and select properties (at the bottom of the list that pops up). Click on the "Hardware" tab. Click on the "Device Manager" button and a something smiliar to this picture should appear.

            Figure 1 Find Your Serial Port

Step5. Use putty.exe to connect via Serial Connector.

Download the putty.exe from
Choose Serial and fill in the Serial Line, change the Speed to 57600.

                       Figure 2 Connect to MyPBX via Serial

Click Open, the following picture appears.

                                                   Figure 3 Enter Putty

Step 6. Type the command ifconfig to check MyPBX’s IP address.

                                         Figure 4 Check MyPBX’s IP Address

Step 7. If you want to change MyPBX’s IP address, you can execute the command
ifconfig eth0 xx.xx.xx.xx netmask xx.xx.xx.xx and type the command ifconfig to check again.

Note: You can log in MyPBX Web Interface using the new IP address, but the IP address will be back the former one if you reboot MyPBX.
You have to change MyPBX LAN Settings after log in MyPBX to make the new IP address take effect.

                                                      Figure 5 Change IP Address

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