How to Use Audio in and Audio out

Note: MyPBX U100/U200/U300 supports the new feature with Audio in/out.

Audio in

Application: Users can input external music to MyPBX which supports dynamic MOH via audio-in port. The external music can be a real-time music, a section of voice which introduces the background of company and so on. Without this feature, MyPBX can only repeat the MOH which was stored in MyPBX.

Please follow the steps below to set up dynamic MOH for MyPBX:
Step1. Please input external music from PC/mobile phone/MP3 via audio in port.
Step2. Choose external music as Music on Hold on the General Preferences page. (PBX--Basic Settings--General Preferences)

Audio out

Application: MyPBX supports broadcast to all users via audio out port. This feature is used to broadcast notice. The extension allowed to use this feature can speak using its IP phone, and what he said will be broadcasted to everyone. For example, leaders can make an announcement via this feature.

Please follow the steps below to set up external paging for MyPBX:
Step1. Connect MyPBX to a horn/broadcast system through audio out port.

Step2. Edit the External paging groups (default number is 630) on the paging group page. (PBX--Advanced settings--Paging Groups)

Step3. Select extension used to paging.
In this example, we select extension 600. When extension 600 dials 630, what extension 600 said will be played through the audio out port.

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