How to Use Call Parking

Call Parking is a feature that allows the user to put a call on hold at one phone and continue the conversation from any other phone. Call parking is activated by feature code. For example, extension 8010 is in a call, but the person needs to go to another place to find the answer for a question. He can dial Call Parking feature code on the phone, and system will prompt that the call is parked at an extension, i.e. 690.Then this person can hang up the call and leave. When he finds the information, he can pick up any phone nearby and dial 690 to resume the conversation.

 Uses of Call Parking
Call parking is often useful in buildings with many offices or with more than one floor, and with most of the areas having access to one or more telephone sets.

  • If the desired called party is not the person who picked up the call, and the desired called party is at an unknown location, the person who picked up the call may park the call and then use the public address system to page the desired called party to pick up the call.
  • During a conversation, a person may need to go to another office for some reason (for example, to retrieve an important file); parking the call allows this person to continue the conversation after arriving at the other office.

Check the Call Parking Preference on PBX→ Basic Settings → Feature Codes page.

Call Parking feature code: *6
Extension range used to park calls : 690-699; these are extensions to transfer a call to have it parked.
Number of seconds a call can be parked for : 60; how long a call is allowed to be parked.

Note: If the call is not picked up in 60 seconds, the call will be back to the original extension, who parked the call.

Set BLF for Call Parking
To monitor which extension for Call Parking is being used, we can configure BLF key for Call parking on IP phone. We take Yealink IP phone as an example.

Type: Choose BLF
Value: Fill in the extension for call parking, i.e.690
Line: Choose the Line that MyPBX extension registered to
Extension: Fill in the extension for call parking, i.e.690

When a call is being parked to extension 690, the BLF key on the phone truns RED. You can dial 690 to resume the call or press the BLF key directly.


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