How to Connect MyPBX to TA FXS Gateway with Provisioning

0. Summary

There are two modes which can be used to connect MyPBX to TA FXS Gateway. One mode is using provisioning to configure TA FXS Gateway, and more details please refer this article.

The other mode is configure TA FXS Gateway manually. Specific configuration-- How to connect MyPBX to TA FXS manually. Please refer below below link:

Note: We recommend that MyPBX takes provisioning mode to configure TA FXS Gateway.


1. Introduction

MyPBX is with a provisioning feature for Yeastar TA Gateway configuration.
TA Gateway in the same LAN with MyPBX can receive configuration file from MyPBX, that means you don’t need to configure TA via TA webpage, instead, you can do it on MyPBX webpage.
    1.This feature can only work in Yeastar TA FXS Gateway, including TA100/200/400/800/1600/2400/3200
    2.This feature can only work when Yeastar TA gateway is in the same LAN with MyPBX.


2. Find out your TA device

Here are two methods to find TA devices out, one is add it manually, the other is find it from TA list. The former one need input TA MAC address manually while the latter take advantage of TA detection feature in MyPBX.

1). Add Yeastar TA device manually
Path: PBX→Extensions→TA Provisioning, Click “Add”

2). Add it from TA list
You can also add it from TA list, TA devices in the same LAN with MyPBX can be detected, showing on this list.Like below picture, click MAC Address to configure.



3. Configure Yeastar TA

1). Set the mode of TA network, DHCP, Static IP and PPPOE. Here we make STATIC IP as the example.


2). Choose the ports in TA you want to configure. For example, we want to set port1 as extension 301 of this MyPBX.

3). We need to reboot this TA device to take effect, so we choose “Save and reboot the device when it is free”. Then click “Save” and TA device will reboot automatically.

4). After reboot, you can find that MyPBX is added in VOIP server list. 

 5). Check the status of this FXS port, “OK” means 301 is registered to MyPBX sucessfully.


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