How to Use Spy Feature

MyPBX allows extension to monitor/barge in other conversation. Once this feature is enabled, the extension has the ability to monitor/barge in other calls using the feature codes for each spy mode, refer to 'Feature Codes' page for more information.

Spy modes

  1. General spy:you have the permission to use the following 3 modes.
  2. Normal spy: you can only hear the call, but can't talk. Feature code: *90
  3. Whisper spy:you can hear the call, and can talk with the monitored extension. Feature code: *91
  4. Barge spy: you can hear the call and talk with them both. Feature code: *92

Note: Spy feature is working for analog extensions as well.

Here we give you an example of how to use spy feature. 
Use Extension 300 to monitor the calls of Extension 301.

Step1. Enable “Allow Being Spied” in Extension 301 only.
In this case, Extension 301 is allowed to be spied by other extensions.

Note: If “Allow Being Spied” is not enabled, it’s impossible for other extensions to monitor this extension, even they have chosen the “spy modes”.

Step2. Choose the spy modes for Extension 300
In this case, Extension 300 has the right to use the feature code to monitor Extension 301.

If 300 choose “Normal Spy”, it should dial’*90301’ to start monitoring;
If 300 choose “Whisper Spy”, it should dial ‘*91301’ to start monitoring;
If 300 choose “Barge Spy”, it should dial ‘*92301’ to start monitor;
If 300 choose “General Spy”, it can dial ‘*90301’,’*91301’ or ‘*92301’ to start monitor.

Note: You can dial ‘feature code+301’ to join the monitor status, when there is an incoming call arriving in 301, you can get the audio immediately.


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