Register to MyPBX Server Remotely

The general environment for MyPBX and users in different locations is: MyPBX and users are both behind router and using the private IP.


Note: Since the MyPBX doesn’t have the public IP, we need to set up “port forwarding” function in the router.

Step 1. Set up “port forwarding” function in the router for MyPBX.

Example: The router’s public IP is “”.
Because the MyPBX is behind the router, Register to MyPBX remotely, you need to forward the SIP port in your router, so all the packets received on the router WAN port ( will be forwarded to the MyPBX ( Below is the setting page in a Linksys router:
Note: we must map UDP port 5060 and UDP port 10000-12000.

Step 2. Configure NAT settings in MyPBX.

Path: PBX ->Advanced settings SIP Settings -> NAT
Configure the NAT settings according to the page below.

External IP: your router’s public IP address
External Host:
External refresh:
Local Network Address: (change this according to your network configuration)
NAT mode: Yes
Allow RTP Reinvite: No

Step 3. Set up an extension in MyPBX (e.g. 509).

Type: SIP;
Extension: 509; Phone number of this extension
Password: 509;
Name: 509;
Caller ID: 509;

VoIP Settings
NAT: yes
Note: please enable NAT.

Step 4. Set up IP Phone register to 509 extension (e.g. Yealink IP Phone).

Please note the SIP Server Option, and it's IP is the your router’s public IP address. If connect correctly, the Register status will become “Registered”.

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    he seguido todos los pasos, pero se registra la extension y suena la llamada pero al hablar no se escucha.

    si es en la red local funciona.

    pero si es desde una ip externa solo se registra pero no se oye la voz.

    he seguido todos los pasos.

    he revisado todos los parametros y no encuentro que mas puede hacer para resolver el problema.

    estoy usando un MYPBX SOHO V.3 y un access NETGEAR

    e instalado la extension remota en un celular y en un ipad y en ambos obtengo el mismo resultado.

    he instalado varios software de softphone y con todos tengo el mismo resultado.

    que puedo hacer??

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