How to Use SMS to Email


SMS to Email is a feature that allows users’ email to receive the SMS of a GSM network. The SMS sent to the GSM/UMTS ports will be received first by application of MyPBX and then forwarded to the pre-configured email address. Thus, users can receive the SMS through email.

Set up SMS to email on MyPBX

Please follow the steps below to set up SMS to email on MyPBX.
As SMS will be sent through SMTP server, we need to test the SMTP settings first
Step1. Set up email settings and test SMTP settings on MyPBX SMS settings page.

           Figure 1. Email settings

Figure 2. SMTP test

 Figure 3. Tested successfully

Step2. Set up Email address list and enable SMS to email.

Figure 4. Set up Email list

Figure 5. Enable SMS to email

Step3. Send a test SMS to the GSM number and check if you can receive the email.


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    Is there some way to configure the SMTP settings without SMTP authentication?

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