How to Use LDAP(Model 2)--Using LDAP in Cisco SPA 50X IP Phone

Configuration in Cisco SPA 50X(admin login in advanced mode):

LDAP Dir Enable:  YES        
LDAP Corp Dir Name:  LDAP Test
LDAP Server:    (IP of MyPBX:389)    
LDAP Auth Method: None      
LDAP Client DN: dc=pbx,dc=com
LDAP Username: cn=admin,dc=pbx,dc=com    
LDAP Password: ************* (the password set on MyPBX)
LDAP Search Base: dc=pbx,dc=com
LDAP Last Name Filter: sn:(sn=*$VALUE*)          
LDAP First Name Filter: cn:(cn=*$VALUE*)
LDAP Search Item 3:            
LDAP Item 3 Filter:        
LDAP Search Item 4:            
LDAP item 4 Filter:  a=sn;a=cn;a=telephoneNumber,n=Phone,t=p;
LDAP Display Attrs:        
LDAP Number Mapping:     


                         Figure 1 Fill the Parameters in the Field on Cisco Phone

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