How to Get Further Logs of MyPBX via FTP

Step 1. Login via SSH.

Please download putty.exe from the internet. And login MyPBX via SSH. Before you login, please make sure the SSH has been enabled on LAN settings page.

1>  Login MyPBX Web User Interface and go to System→Network Preferences→ LAN Settings, enable SSH and FTP.


2>  Login MyPBX via SSH, the default username is root, password is ys123456.



Step 2. Execute commands.

1>  First execute the commabd asterisk -Tvvddgr | tee /persistent/debug.txt to store the captured logs to the folder “persistent”.

2>  Then Execute command sip set debug on to capture SIP packets.

Step 3. Stop capturing SIP logs when the problem comes.

When the problem happens again, execute sip set debug off to stop capturing the SIP log.

Note: You should not close the putty before the problem happens again, or the captured logs will not be saved.

Step 4. Login MyPBX via FTP to get the debug logs.

1>  Open a folder on your PC. Enter MyPBX ftp address in the Address bar as below:
ftp://MyPBX’s IP address (i.e.

2>  Click OK if a FTP Folder Error appears.

3>  Right click the mouse, select “Login as”.
4>  Fill in the user name and password then click “Log on”.
User name: admin
Password: ys123456

5>  The following figure appears after logon.Download debug.txt file to your local PC.


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