How to Setup Music on Hold (MOH)

There are two types of music on hold (MOH) in MyPBX, the internal MOH and external MOH. Here is the default MOH list of MyPBX:

The first 3 prompts are the default MOH in all MyPBX, you can upload a new one or use the default ones. MyPBX will loop the selected MOH prompt.
The 4th is the external music that imported by Audio In interface. You need connect a music player(MP3 or PC) so that MyPBX can get the dynamic MOH.

Note: External MOH is working with Audio In interface. It’s supported in MyPBX U100/U200/U300 only.

1.Configure fixed MOH

Record the prompt in advance, and covert the format to the supported ones, then upload it in 'PBX--Music On Hold Prompts' page. The fixed MOH is supported in all MyPBX models. Please note the format of MOH before uploading.

Click browser.. and choose the prompt, in this example, a new promtp Harry.gsm needs to be uploaded.

The prompt Harry.gsm is uploaded successfully. Then click ‘PBX--General preferences’ and choose the fixed music on hold prompt.

Save and apply the changes, the new MOH will be working fine.

2.Configure dynamic MOH

To configure the dynamic MOH, please connect a music player to Audio In interface of MyPBX U100/U200/U300.

Click ‘PBX--general preferences’, and choose ‘external music’ as music on hold.

Then the music imported by Audio In interface will be played as music on hold.

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    Can i use different on hold music based on trunk or inbound routes.

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    Hello Carmine,

    Is there any requirement regarding different on hold music? Does it need to be specific on hold music for specific inbound routes or trunks? If no, I think you can choose a on hold music play list and choose to play order as random, see below screenshot(by the way, this is available only on S-Series PBX):

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    Does yeastar S series do MOH via SIP device? Such as the PIKA device?

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