How to Setup Hot Desking with Yealink Phone


If you need to use Hot Desking on Yealink with S-Series, you could refer to the latest article:

Hot desking originates from the definition of being the temporary physical occupant of a work station or surface by a particular employee. A primary motivation for hot desking is cost reduction. This feature is regularly used in places where not all the employees are in the office at the same time, or not in the office for very long at all, which means actual personal offices would be often vacant, consuming valuable space and resources.
You can use hot desking on the Yealink IP phone to log out of the existing accounts and then log into a new account, that is, many users can share the phone resource in
different time. To use this feature, you need to configure a hot desking key in advance.
All MyPBX models supports Yealink Hot Desking Feature.In this guide, hot desking has been tested with:

  • Yealink T28 version
  • MyPBX U200 version

Preparing the Phone
Before setting up hot desking, you need to register one MyPBX extension on the Yealink phone. Once the extension has been registered on Yealink phone, you can proceed to set up the hot desking feature.

Setting up Hot Desking
With Yealink T28 IP Phone, you can configure a hot desking key via phone user interface or Web user interface.  

        Step1. To configure a hot desking key via Web User Interface     

        1. Click on DSSKey->Memory Keys(Line Key). SIP-T22P/T20P IP phones only support line keys.

       2. In the desired DSS key field, select Hot Desking from the pull-down list of Type.

       3. Click Confirm to accept the change.

     Step2. To configure a hot desking key via phone user interface

  1. Press Menu->Features->DSS Keys->Memory Keys(or Line Keys).
  2. Select the desired DSS key.
  3. Press or , or the Switchsoft key to select Key Event from the Type .
  4. Press or ,or the Switchsoft key to select Hot Desking from the Key Type.


     5. Press the Save soft key to accept the change.

To Use Hot Desking

After configuring your DSS Key for the hot desking feature (check procedure above), proceed as follows:
      1. Press the hot desking key when the phone is idle.
          The LCD screen prompts “Clear all account config?’’


    2. Press the OK soft key, registration configurations of all accounts
        will be cleared immediately.The login wizard will be shown as below:


   3. Enter the desired values in the User Name and Password fields respectively.
       Contact MyPBX administrator for the user name and password.
   4. Press the Save soft key, the phone will save your configuration and will register to MyPBX.


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