How to Use PIN User

Image the scenario:

A company's manager visits the factory and needs to make an international call to confirm something important with a foreign customer. However, all the extensions assigned to users in factory have no permission to make international calls (factory extensions are not selected on the international outbound route).
In this case, PIN User feature on MyPBX can help the manager to make international calls from an extension which is not selected on the international outbound route. He can dial PIN User feature code (default *89) on the phone first, then enter a PIN code following by the prompt. If the PIN code is correct, he could make international calls on the IP phone placed in factory.

Adding a PIN User

1. Go to PBX → Advanced Settings → PIN User Settings

2. Click " Add PIN User " to add one PIN User.

3. Define the PIN User name.

4. Select a PIN list from PIN Settings (PBX→ Advanced Settings → PIN Settings)to set password for the PIN User. Lists of PINs can be created on the page, and the PIN lists can be selected to access restricted features.

5. Select the outbound route. If PIN User is being used, the dialed numbers will go through the selected outbound route.

6. With PIN User, you can use the extension which is not selected in the outbound route to make an international call.

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