How to use Click to Call feature on Bitrix24 CRM integration


Applicable: P series integrated with Bitrix24


  • Install 'Yeastar Linkus for Google' Chrome extension and set up Linkus Web Client to work with the Chrome extension.
  • Disable calls to be routed via Bitrix24 Telephony (Path: CRM > Settings > CRM Settings > Other > Other Settings > Format).


On the CRM Contacts page, the gray phone icon is displayed only if the contact's number is greater than or equal to 10 digits in length.

  • Users click  to display the detected phone number on Bitrix24 CRM, then click the phone number, a call will be sent out directly via the associated PBX extension.


Note: On the contact details page, this number is not detected. This is because this Bitrix24 page conflicts with our linkus recognition mechanism, which prevents our linkus from detecting it.





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