How to solve LED issue in DS7210/DS7310

The Guide of Upgrade Display for Solving the LED abnormal issue

Note:This version is targeted at LED going off and LED state switching failure of model
DS7210 and DS7310



Upgrade the firmware version to 1.6.9 or later.
This is the firmware upgrate guide of Display:

Upgrade Package of Display download link:
Please contact support for it.
If you can connect the Display with computer via Type-C line directly,you can move the file to root path in Display directly,if can't do it,you can use adb tool sending file.


upload file via the adb tool

  1. Download the adb tool in your computer:

Then unzip it to the path you want to place it in

  1. Add this tool to environment variable in Windows system:
    Press WIN+R and enter sysdm.cpl
    Advanced > Environment Variables > System Variables
    Double click Path,click New in the new window,then add the path where the tool is located
    (Like this:D:\platform-tools )
    Click all OK to save it

Win+R,open CMD to verify the installation by this command: adb --version
If it showing like this,you can go to next step.

  1. Long press the company name in top left corner

  2. Go the device debugging interface and enable the Wireless Debugging

     5. Download the update file in your computer;
Display is in the same network segment with your computer and need know the IP of Display.

     6.Open CMD in computer,enter these commands:
adb connect *****:5555 (**means the IP of Display,5555is the default port) //if connect success,will show connected to *******

adb push ***** \ /sdcard (**means the path of this upgrade file,you can right click on the file, go to properties view path and copy to here) //after entering,need to wait the file push success,will show xxx pushed


      7.adb reboot //reboot the device

      8.Click Install to confirm the installation in Display, and after the device installation is complete, delete the update package according to the prompts

After installing,delete the update package.

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