How to Replace the Audio File of System Prompt for P-Series


  • Model: P-Series Appliance, P-Series Software version, (Cloud PBX not supported)
  • Firmware version: Any


1. Get the audio file name that needs to replace from our support.

2. At first, Record by yourself and convert it to the correct format. Convert Audio Files (

3. Name the audio file recorded by the name you need to replace. 

4. Go to the folder to replace the file it via FTP.  Follow by this guide: Set Up FTP File Sharing (

The file path is like this:[language]/ 

The [language] can be different based on you Language of system prompt.

For example, English = en, French = fr, Spanish = es etc..



5. Backup the original audio files that need to be replaced.

6. Copy your audio file to the system prompt path, cover the original the audio file.

7. Make a test to verify if you audio file has been replaced or not.



The file replacement will lose effect after upgrade. If you need to upgrade, please run the procedure again after upgrade.




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