P series Integrate with Zoho CRM fileds permisson Issue

P Sseries PBX integrate with Zoho CRM by Zoho CRM's API, After integrated successfully,PBX can query contacts from "Contacts"/"Leads"/"Accounts" in the Zoho CRM,The Zoho CRM matches the contacts by the fields provided by PBX when calling the API Inerface,For example,PBX call the API Interface below to look for the contact whose phone number is  01753XXX555 in Zoho CRM's "Accounts"



Sometimes you will find the contact exist in the Zoho CRM,But PBX failed to retrieve it,If this is the case,then please read the guide below.


1.Make sure all the needed fileds has been created in Zoho CRM

Find the "Settings" on the right upper corner 


Customization -> Modules and Fields


Leads/Accounts/Contacts -> Fields


Create and Edit Fields


Check if all the required fileds are there,If not then check If you have removed them or not,Generally you can find them in the "Unused fields"


Required Fields:

Accounts:  Phone  Fax

Leads: Phone  Mobile  Fax

Contacts: Phone  Home_Phone  Other_Phone  Mobile  Asst_Phone  Fax



2.Make sure the fields permisson has been assigned as "Read and Write"

The first three steps are the same as previous guide(Settings ->Customization -> Modules and Fields -> Leads/Accounts/Contacts -> Fields


Fields -> Fields Permissions -> Standard (must select Standard!!!)




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