How to configuration Ink-Display via NFC


DS3604 can be configured via NFC-enabled smart phone.

1. Download and install “Milesight ToolBox” App from Google Play or App Store.

2. Enable NFC on the smartphone and open Milesight ToolBox.

3. Attach the smartphone with NFC area to the device to read device information when the screen is not refreshing.

4. Basic information and settings of the device will be shown on ToolBox if it’s recognized successfully. You can read and configure the device by tapping the Read/Write button on the App. In order to protect the security of devices, password validation is required when first configuration. The default password is 123456.

1) Ensure the position of smartphone NFC area and it’s recommended to take off phone case.

2) If the smart phone fails to read/write configurations via NFC, move the phone away and back to try again.

3) When DS3604 is refreshing the screen, do not read or write device or it will show time out.



1. Select one firmware based on Lora frequency band in your local then download to your smartphone.:








2. Open ToolBox App and click Browse to import firmware and upgrade the device.



1) Operation on ToolBox is not supported during the upgrade.

2) Only Android version ToolBox supports



Display Template

DS3604 provides 2 display templates and supports display content programming according to user requirements. Besides, users can use default template 1 on dynamic hot desk reservationand default template 2 on fixed workplace display signage applications.

1. Go to Device > Setting > Display Settings of ToolBox App to add module directly or click Read and attach the smartphone with NFC area to the device to get the default display template.



2. Click any module to enter the edit mode and change the properties of module. After complete, click blank area out of the template

3. Click Write to save this template and write it to the screen.

4. Click Export Config to save current template to your smartphone and you can import this template to another device by clicking Import Template.




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