How to Register Extension by TCP on P-Series


  • Model: P-Series
  • Firmware version: Any


1. Enable TCP Settings on PBX Side

Go to PBX settings/SIP settings menu to enable TCP port. Note that this settings requires reboot to take effect.


2. Switch Extension TCP Settings

Switch the transport to TCP . This setting should be configured for the extension respectively.

3. Increase the Concurrent Registrations

This step to prevent the registration failure after TCP switch. Because some phone will not cancel the registration before reboot.

Set the Concurrent Registrations to 2 or 3.


Click Save and Apply to let the above changes take effect.


4. TCP Settings on the IP phone.

Here we take a Yealink T33G as an example.

1) Auto Provisioning phones

If the phone has been provisioned by PBX Auto Provisioning feature.

Reboot the phone, the phone will automatically change to TCP.


2) Manual configured phones

Go to Account Settings, change the transport to TCP.



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