How to Provision Yealink DECT with Yeastar P-Series PBX


  • PBX model: P-Series
  • Phone model: the Yealink DECT supported in our list
  • Firmware version: Any 



Here we take Yealink W80B as example.


1. Add the Yealink DECT base MAC on PBX Auto Provisioning menu.

  • For On-Premise PBX, usually the DECT will get the configs after 10-20 seconds the MAC added. If not provisioned, reboot the DECT base to confirm.
  • For Cloud PBX, user needs to reboot the DECT to get the configs from PBX.

User can login the DECT base to confirm if the DECT base has been provisioned. When you see the SIP Server Settings has been changed, it means the DECT base has been provisioned successfully.

2. Assign extension number to the handset

Go the DECT base menu Handset&Account > Handset Registration to assign extension number to the handset.


3. Register on Handset

On the handset, go to Handset Registration menu. Click Register Handset, input default pin 0000 when see a prompt to finish the registration.


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