How to Provision Yealink Expansion Module in P-Series


  • Model: P-Series
  • Firmware version: Any
  • Template version: See the version mentioned in the guide
  • Yealink Expansion module: EXP40, EXP43, EXP50
  • Yealink Model: See the models mentioned in the guide


Supported module and respective models.

  • EXP40: T46S/T46G/T48S/T48G
  • EXP43: T43U/T46U/T48U
  • EXP50: SIP-T53, SIP-T53W, SIP-T54W, SIP-T57W, SIP-T56A, SIP-T58, SIP-T58W (T52S, T54S is not supported due to EOL.)

Supported template version:

  • YSDP_YealinkT4, YSDP_YealinkT5, YSDP_YealinkT56, YSDP_YealinkT58: 1.0.5
  • YSDP_YealinkT4xG: 1.0.4


1. Update the template version to the required version:


2. Configure the key.

The expansion key should be configured starting after the final regular DSS key.

For example, T53 support 21 regular DSS keys. To configure the expansion module. User needs to configure the 22nd key. The key started from 22nd are all for expansion module.

Also a note, the blank key(meaning type is selected as null) is allowed to exist between key 1 and key 22.

A extreme condition that you dont' configure any regular DSS key. You have to configure 21 blank keys, then configure the expand module from 22nd key.



3. Expansion Key mapping.

Models Expansion key started on PBX Function key menu
T43U, T53, T53W Key 22
T46S, T46G, T46U T54W T58A T56A T58 T58W Key 28
T48S, T48G, T48U T57W Key 30



On P-Series PBX, it supports to set up to 120 keys due to the web interface limit.

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