Yeastar P-Series VoIP PBX connect to Avaya CM 6 via SIP TRUNK

Yeastar Model: PAE (P550/P560/P570), PSE (Software Edition)
Avaya server model: DL360
Avaya system version: CM6
 P-Series settings:
1. Basic settings

  • Add trunk
  • Click adding
  • Select trunk type with ‘peer trunk’
  • Select Transport with ‘TCP’
  • Fill CM6 IP in Hostname/IP
  • Fill P-Series PBX IP in Domain


2. Advanced settings

  • Go to Advanced page
  • Unchecked Qualify


At last, remember to click the "Save" button and the Apply button in the right upper corner when you finish the configuration.

Avaya CM6 settings:
1. Signaling Group


2. Trunk Group




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