Advanced Time Condition by Loopback SIP Trunk


  • PBX Model: P-Series
  • Firmware version: Any


Example 1

The user wants to define the IVR key event with different time condition.

See the call flow of the example:


Example 2

The user wants to define the extension No Answer destination by different time condition.

  • Mon-Fri 7am-8pm to external number xxxxxxxx
  • Mon-Fri 8am-7pm to external number yyyyyyyy
  • Sat 7am-12pm to external number zzzzzzzz
  • Sun all day to external number aaaaaaaa

See the call flow of the example:




1. Create loopback SIP trunk.

1) On P-Series hardware or software version, you add a SIP Peer trunk with IP address, port 5060.



2) For P-Series Cloud PBX, use the Peer Trunk(Private Network) instead.

See the example:

Get the PBX instance IP via SSH (How to Access SSH)

Get the Port number and Fill in IP of the PBX itself to create the loopback trunk.


2. Create the proper inbound and outbound route with the loopback SIP trunk selected. As well as create the proper time condition rules based on the inbound route.

Note that, user should create an specific outbound route for the loopback SIP trunk, to distinguish with the normal calls outbound route. 

  • The outbound pattern is better to be more detailed or a different pattern than the other outbound route with dial pattern "X.". Because X. pattern will be matched for most dialed numbers.
  • Put the loopback outbound route on the top position. So that system will match this outbound route first.

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