1.If the platform is cloud based, why we should enable the Allow Country IPs after the installation.

Because you will get a public IP which means your PBX will expose to the public network, there is a risk to encounter attacks.


2.What is the maximum extension does the PSE support?

We support the 10,000 extensions with 1000 concurrent calls, for the requirement over 5000 extensions, please contact your account manager.

3.If End user wants to instatll the PSE on premise, but the server is not as the Dell as Yeastar recommands.

We did the test on the Dell server with the stress test, which means with the PSE will work well with the upper limit, other brand servers will be also supported. but different servers and different parameter of the hardware will affect the performance for the upper limit, so we can not give a certain answer whether your server is good enough.

4.Where to get the image file and activation code?

There will be an email after apply the license, it will include the download link of the image and the activation code. 

5.What is the difference between auto and manul image?

If you choose the Auto image, the system will automatically partitions hard disk as below,

/ --10G

/swap --10G

/home -- The rest of the disk

If you choose the Manual image, you can create the disk according your needs.


6.What should I do if my platform is a cloud based server but it is neither AWS nor Alibaba?

The image file for AWS and Alibaba has been uploaded to the platform in advance, for other cloud based platform you need to upload the image file manually, the image file format is .qcow2 instead of .iso, contact us to get the image.


7.Why the activation code can only be used for only one PSE(only for the current server) ?

Because after the activation, the code will update and include the hardware information of the current server. 


8.What is duplicate (illegal copied)?

When you install a new PSE and finish the activation, then you make a snapshot or backup of the current server to resotre on another server, this time both PSE will be regarded as duplicate and will becaome invalid in 7 days.

This is a mechanism to avoid someone trys to buy only one license but trys to use it for multiple PSE.


9.How to avoid duplicate?

a.DO NOT try to restore the snapshot to another server, or clone a whole VM server. 

b.If you have several sites need to deploy the PSE, you can install the PSE on one server and make a backup of the server or take a snapshot BEFORE you activate this PSE. 

c.If the current server has a problem with some hardware (like hard disk) that needs to be replaced, or you have to migrate to another new server, all of above will change the Hardware information that cause duplicate.


10.How to migrate the PSE to a new server ?

STEP 1 Make a backup or snapshot of the server

STEP 2 Shut down the old server of PSE

STEP 3 Contact us to reset the activation code

STEP 4 Restore the backup or snapshot on the new server

STEP 5 Activate the new PSE with the new code (The SN will be the same)


11.How to deal with the hardware replacement?

STEP 1 Make a backup of the PSE

STEP 2 Shut down the PSE

STEP 3 Replace the Hardware

STEP 4 Contact us to reset the activation code (remove the uuid from the current code)

STEP 5 Power on the PSE

STEP 6 Activate the new PSE with the new code (SN will not change)


12.How to implement Hot Standby for PSE?

You have to apply a Primary Server license, and a Secondary Server license.

If you apply two Primary Server licenses that can not enable the Hot Standby.

If you apply trial license, you don't have permission to apply secondary license please contact your account manager.


For more details please check the attached PDF.

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