How to integrate WombatDialer with Yeastar P-Series IPPBX


WombatDialer is an auto dialer tool, it improves your call center campaigns with automatic dialing, queue recalls functions, call forwarding options, and different dialing modes including direct, reverse, preview, manual and predictive. This article will guide you how to integrate wombatdialer with Yeastar P-Series IPPBX, this integration will achieve below call requests:

1. Launch auto-dial campaigns from WombatDialer interface.

2. Receive calls by agents in Yeastar PBX.

Applicable Devices

Model: P-Series IPPBX, S-Series IPPBX

Firmware: Not Required.


1. Connect to PBX's AMI interface


2. Add trunk for pbx to make outbound call, format: Local/${num}@DLPN_DialPlanXXXX, replace 'XXXX' with any extension which has outbound route permission.

3. Add an endpoint, it is some queue from pbx in which the agents will answer the call, in this demo queue 6400 will receive calls when callee party anwsers the call.


4. Go to List menu to add or upload pre-dial contacts to some list


5. Add a compaign, choose required Trunks, End-point and Lists


6. Enable Dialer


7. Start Compaign, enough channels will let you dial more contacts simultaneously at one time



8. Set up Reschedule Rules to handle those calls which are not answered, like redial it after some time if it is busy, no answered or rejected, and how many times you would like to redial it


9. Set up Disposition Rules for those calls that still are not answered after Reschedule Rules, like post a http request, send an email or add to a dedicated list which you might dial it again


Monitor and reports

1. AMI connection status, campaign running status, trunks used status, endpoints status



2. Real time ongoing call infos



3. Call reports


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    Last time we tested, the dialer was still dialing numbers even when agents were not available. Has this issue been resolved?

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    I was wondering  how did you install Wombat dialer?

    Did you use an Asterisk distro or a linux distro? Could you share this information?

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