How to Set Extension 0 in P-Series



  • PBX Model: P-Series
  • Firmware version: Any


Mostly, extension 0 is used in the hotel reception. The user need an extension number 0 for guests to dial.



1. Go to menu: PBX Settings/Preferences

Based on the user's need, set extension or ring group number start range as "0000". Click Save and Apply button. 



2.  Set an extension 0 or ring group 0.

Go to Extension or Ring group menu. To add the extension 0 or ring group 0.





3. Register the reception phone by number 0. Or configure the ring group 0  with reception extension number selected in the group.

4. Dial 0 from guest phone to test if the reception phone will ring or not.

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  • 0

    I made a fake trunk for,

    Then, created a new outbound route dial:0 strip:1 prefix: Extension number

    It is working for me and is used in our office. 

    I made the same config for a customer today, but it did not work. I also tried to create a new ring group numbered "0", but it did not work again. 

    I'm so confused about why it worked in the same version as a PBX and why others do not. 

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