Integrating Yeastar S-Series VOIP PBX with Snom PA1


Snom PA1 unites the functions of a telephone with a high-performance digital amplifier for broadcasting announcements and supplying background music to assigned rooms, hallways, and office floors.
This article provides configuration instructions for how to connect Snom PA1 to Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX.
In this article, the testing environment is below:


  • PBX: Yeastar S100 Firmware version:
  • Terminal device: Snom PA1 Firmware version: SIP

Like SIP phones, the PA1 can register the extension provided by PBX. For example, Snom PA1 registers extension 1000 of PBX. And once registered, other PBX users could dial the extension number 1000. When the user’s IP phone shows that he is connected, he could make an announcement over the handset. Then the Snom PA1 would broadcast the announcement with loud-speaker or handset connected to it.

Configuring Identities on Snom PA1

The Snom PA1 supports up to four accounts (or identities, as they are called on Snom devices) that can be used to make announcements over the loudspeaker connected to the Snom PA1.

1. Please create extensions for PA1 on Yeastar S-Series PBX.
2. Log in the Web interface by using the IP of Snom PA1 obtained from DHCP Server.
3. If there is no DHCP service supported in the network. You can try the default IP address:
4. You need to change the IP according to the network so that the Snom PA1 and PBX are in the same segment of network.
5. Once login the Web interface. Go to the menu on the left, click "Identity 1". On the right of page "Configuration Identity 1" would display with the "Login" tab. Enter the required data of extension from Yeastar S-Series PBX:
- Account: the extension number.
- Password: Password for your extension
- Registrar: the IP address of Yeastar S-Series PBX.


6. Click "Apply" or "Re-Register". And then click the "Save" button after it appears at the top of the page to make sure the change take effect.

If the registration has been successful, the red "Power" LED will turn off. The green "Call" LED will stay on indicating the Snom PA1 is ready to receive announcements.

After the above configuration, you can call the PA1 extension number to broadcast your announcement through the connected speaker or make a communication when the headset is connected to the PA1.

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