How to Understand Call Waiting

Feature Introduction

Call Waiting is a feature that allows you to receive a call while you are already on the line with someone else.

For example, User A and User B are on the phone, User C make an incoming call to User A, at this time, User A will receive a sound prompt "du...du...", at the same time, you can choose answer, reject or hold the new call.


1. Both IP Phone and PBX extension have call waiting feature, but we don't suggest you enable these on both sides at same time. The PBX extension's priority is higher than IP Phone, because call waiting on PBX is earlier triggered.

2. If call waiting is enabled in PBX, "when busy" call forwarding option will be disabled.

3. We don't suggest to enable call waiting on PBX and GSM module of TG-Series products. As it is not supported.

Call Waiting Feature of PBX

1. S-Series

To simplify the call process handled by PBX, SIP/IAX extension has removed call waiting option after version If you want to use this feature, just enable it on the IP Phone side. While FXS extension still have this option.



2. U-Series



Call Waiting Feature of SIP Terminal

1. IP Phone (Yealink phone for example)

Path: Features>General Information


2. Linkus extension 

Path: Me>Setting>Call Options







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    Please fix links to images, as they are internal URLs


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    Poor move by removing from the PBX.

    Yeastar has apparently forgotten that by removing the function from the PBX, that the PBX must now rely upon the phone to respond to any INVITE sent and that even if the phone is on a call already, the PBX must still send the call which is causing unneeded network traffic and the phone may still chirp or ring upon seeing the INVITE before it then sends a 486 busy.

    It also means that for those extensions with multiple concurrent registrations, that each phone must be set to disable call waiting and that the PBX will still send even more worthless messaging and that it is possibly even more confusing to set the parameter in each and every phone where call waiting is not to be enabled (and especially troublesome for remote phones). Further, if any phone associated to an extension is not set the same, then those will still ring despite the intent not being able to have call waiting.

    Additionally as this was a change that was made mid-stream, there was nothing to suggest what might be the impact to those extensions already provisioned with the call waiting disabled at the PBX level.

    This was an extremely short-sighted decision on the part of Yeastar.

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    100% agree with Larry! All other IP-PBX's have the call waiting option settings in the PBX!

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    Call waiting have to be set on PBX

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    Like everyone else, I don't understand the removal of this feature.

    In Gigaset IP Dect systems, the "call waiting" feature may not be available in the settings of base stations and handheld terminals that are not fully compatible with each other. In such troublesome situations, it is necessary to disable the call waiting feature over the PBX.
    Waiting for clarification from Yeastar.

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    To disable call wait in s series PBX,  enable: "All busy mode for sip forking", in General-sip-advanced.

    Is a different way to obtain the same result.

    Useful with devices like Gigaset N720 with no CW general control, when employed low profile handset without CW management. (as in the main cases) . 

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