Call Transfer Instruction


Call Transfer is used to transfer a call in progress to some other destination. There are two types of call transfer:

  • Attended Transfer - Where the call is placed on hold, a call is placed to another party, a conversation can take place privately before the caller on hold is connected to the new destination. This is also called 'Attended Call Transfer'.
  • Blind Transfer - Where the call is transferred to the other destination with no intervention (the other destination could ring out and not be answered for instance).

Note: This instruction is mainly for S-Series VoIP PBX.

Different Types of Call Transfer 

  1. Transfer by Feature Code: Call transfer feature code is by default, check call transfer feature code on Settings>PBX>General>Feature code page:

  2. Transfer by Hook or Flash Key: Analog phone supports this type of transfer. Please go to Settings-PBX-General-Preferences to configure it first. During the active call press the Flash key or R key then input the number it will transfer the call by attended transfer. If the phone doesn't own a specific Flash Key or R key, try to tap the Hook instantly to general the flash signal for transfer.


    3. IP Phone Transfer: in the following is an example from Yealink T27P.

  • Transfer the call before answer: Press Forward or TRAN button to transfer the call, it is Blind transfer


  • Transfer during the active call: Press Transfer key or TRAN button during the call

   Attended Transfer: Transfer (or TRAN) button + number

    Blind Transfer: Transfer (or TRAN) button + number+ Transfer (or TRAN) button


Attended Transfer Caller ID

If you want to change the Caller ID for attended transfer, please go to Settings-PBX-General-Preferences. There are three options: Auto, Transferor and Transferee

Note: In S-Series VoIP PBX, the transfer parties caller ID will be affected by the PAI and Remote Party ID option. Those options will initiated the Connected Line Identification feature which the PBX will send Re-Invite to update caller ID on both parties after transferee answers the call.


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