Provision Phonebook by Yeastar S-Series IPPBX

With this guide, you can add contacts on or upload a phonebook to Yeastar S-Series IPPBX. So that the phonebook will be obtained by the phones during the phone provisioning process.

Note: the precondition is the IP phone is going to be provisioned or had been provisioned by Yeastar S-Series IPPBX and in the device list it can be seen.

 There are 2 options to add phonebook: Add Contact or Upload Phonebook.



Add Contact

Log in Yeastar S-Series IPPBX, go to “Auto Provisioning” App. And Click ‘Add’ to add contacts on Yeastar S-Series IPPBX and add the information according to the requests. This option takes time to add manually. But if you don't have other choice, it is not bad. 



After you add contacts: 


Reboot the phone to perform the provisioning. Then we can check Local Directory>All contacts of the IP Phone and I take Yealink IP phone here, then you can get contacts of "Stan" and "Mandy".



Upload Phonebook

Click ”Upload Phonebook” to upload a phonebook to Yeastar S-Series IPPBX. The file format should be *.xml.

Note: all the existing phonebooks of the IP phone would be deleted automatically if the phonebooks are provisioned in this way. That is, the contacts of xml file will cover the existing contacts on IP Phone and it’s priority is higher than “Contacts” option on the Yeastar S-Series IPPBX.


Upload a named Yealink.xml file and take it as an example here. The content of yealink.xml shows as below.



Please noted that the Manufacturer is Yealink, so we need to take one Yealink IP phone to test. Reboot the phone to perform the provisioning, then we can check Local Directory>All contacts of the IP Phone, then you can get contacts of "Test1" but not "Stan" and "Mandy".


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    Doesnt work. Have 2 contacts added but they dont get listet in the Yealink T41s.


    Yeastar S20

    Yealink T41



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    i can't do the same in Grandstream GXP1615. this phone can't query from yeastar S100 contacts.

    i assigned the extension to the read access list but again the phone book always maped to the phone local contacts. 

    any ideas ?

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