Understand the Priority of Outbound Routes in S-Series PBX


The article is used to tell you how to understand the outbound route priority. It will partly affect the external call if you don’t know it well.


How to set up?

When dialing out, PBX will match the outbound in the top then go through the routes one by one until it finds the compatible one to go out. It is very important to check the route list while the call fails.


Example 1:

There are two outbound routes in the list. The one with “X.” is in the top and secondly comes the “9.”.


Dial to the mobile number starting with 9 but the call fails, what happened?


The reason is that first outbound route “S50_To_Zultys” with pattern “X.” compatible with the mobile number 9xxxxxxxx, so it goes out through the first outbound route instead of the correct one “callmobile”. 



Example 2:

Dial pattern “9.” Is in front of “9XX”


Dial 923 to the branch office but it fails, what happened?


923 is completely match the pattern “9.” and also it is in the first place, that is why PBX choose the first outbound route “callmobile” to go out.



In conclusion, dial pattern which covers the small range takes the priority of the one which contains the large range. Like it below.

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