How to Setup Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX as NTP Server


Yeastar S-Series can act as the NTP server for your IP phones, when your there is no Internet access neither for IP phones nor PBX to synchronize time from NTP server. In the following guide, we will show how to setup the S-Series PBX as NTP server for IP phones.


1. Go to Settings > System > Date & Time to check the current time on the system. Here you can adjust time of the system (including time zone) to your local time.

  • Time Zone: select your current time zone.
  • Daylight Saving Time: the option is disabled by default. Enable it when necessary.
  • Synchronize With NTP Server: if you choose this mode, the system will adjust its internal clock to a central network server.Please note S-Series should be able to access the Internet if you choose this mode.
    • NTP Server: enter a NTP server.
  • Set Up Manually: if you choose this mode, you need to set the time manually.
    • Date: choose the date.
    • Time: choose the time.

2. Configure NTP Server manually

Go to your IP phone web GUI,  Settings--Time & Date. Here we take Yealink T27P as the example,

  • Primary Server: The IP of Yeastar S-Series device

3. Configure NTP server by Auto Provisioning

Go to the S-Series PBX web GUI: Auto Provisioning>Edit Device>Preference

  • Primary Server: The IP address of Yeastar S-Series PBX

Note: If you setup setup manual time on the S-Series PBX, all of the IP phones will have the same time with PBX but you can't change time zone. If you synchronize time with a public NTP server on the PBX, you also can adjust the time zone on the IP phone as required.  

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