How to Use Call Back


Call back is supported in Yeastar S series PBX,which allows callers to hang up and get called back to Yeastar S-Series IP Phone system. Callback feature could reduce the cost for the users who work out of the office using their own mobile phones.

Note: please make sure the caller ID can be well recognized by Yeastar S series PBX, you can dial a test call and confirm your number shows right in call log page.


Step1. Creat a Callback. Please make sure the caller ID number is the same as the one shows in CDR page.

Path: Settings >PBX > Call Features > Callback.

Name:  Give this Callback a brief name to help you identify it.

Callback Through Trunk: Define which trunk to use when calling back.

Delay Before Callback: Define how long to wait before calling back the caller.


Destination: Define where the callback will direct the caller to.

Strip: Define how many digits will be stripped from the call in number before the callback is placed. For example, when you call from number 123456789 into Yeastar S-Series IP Phone system, the caller ID is 0123456789, but you can only call 123456789 successfully from the system. You should set strip 1 digit before the callback is placed.

Prepend: Define digits added before a callback number before the callback is placed. For example, the call in number (Caller ID) is 123456789, Yeastar S-Series IP Phone system need to send 9123456789 to its trunk when calling this number. You should configure 123456789 as the call back number and add 9 before the callback is placed. 

Tip: You do not need to configure Strip and Prepend if the trunk supports call back with the Caller ID directly.

Step2. Appy it in inbound route.

Path: Settings >PBX > Call Control > Inbound Route

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