How to Connect Yeastar TA FXO Gateway to 3CX

1. Introduction

The guide provides step-by-step configuration instructions of how to connect TA FXO gateway and 3CX. The PSTN line on TA FXO gateway will be extended on 3CX phone system. With the connection of TA FXO gateway and 3CX, you can achieve:

  1. Make outbound calls from 3CX via the PSTN trunks of TA410.
  2. Receive calls from PSTN trunks of TA410 at 3CX.


Integration Modes

3CX and TAO gateway use the Service provider mode to connect with each other.

Firmware version:

In the guide, we tested TA410 and 3CX.


3CX: 15.0.60903.0


IP address of 3CX:

IP address of TA410:

A PSTN line from provider is connected to TA410’s FXO port 3.

PSTN line number: 05925503301

Figure 1 Connect 3CX Phone System and TA410


2. Preparation

TAO gateway use the DHCP mode to get the IP. Please connect the gateway to a DHCP server in your network to obtain valid network settings (e.g., the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway address and DNS address) by default.

Before connecting TAO gateway to 3CX, you need to set a static IP address from the same LAN with the 3CX.

Steps to set static IP for TAO gateway:

  1. Download a DeviceFound tool from Yeastar website: FindTA.rar
  2. Run the DeviceFound.exe software.
  3. The detected TAO gateway in the local network will appear in the window.
  4. Find the TAO gateway’s IP address by the device’s MAC address or the SN.
  5. Log in TAO gateway and go to System> Network Preferences> LAN Settings, disable DHCP and configure the LAN network, save and apply the changes, reboot TAO gateway to take effect.

But TA410 use the static IP. The default IP is So please login with the default IP and change the IP as you want.

Note: All the TA gateway use DHCP mode to get the IP except the TA410 and TA810.

Figure 2 Configure LAN Settings on TA410

         Figure 2 Configure LAN Settings on TA410

3. Connect 3CX to TA410

3.1 Create a SIP Trunk on 3CX

Path: SIP Trunks> Add SIP Trunk


Select Country: Choose “Generic”

Select Provider in your Country: Choose Generic VoIP Provider

Main Trunk No: Configure the main trunk number you like, but it is at least 4 digits, example: 8888

     Figure 4 Configure SIP trunk on 3CX

Enter name for Trunk: The name of the sip trunk, TA410

Register/Server/Gateway Hostname or IP: the IP of the TA410,

Type of Authentication: Do not require –IP Based

Main Trunk No: the number you configure on the Figure 3, example: 8888

Destination for calls during office hours: the destination for the office hours Example: Extension 100

Destination for calls outside office hours: the destination for off work time Example: Extension 100

You can check the status of the SIP trunk on 3CX after you create it

Path: Extensions

                                                   Figure 5 the status of SIP trunk on 3CX


3.2 Configuration on TA410

Step 1. Set a VoIP Server Template on TA410

Path: Gateway> VoIP Settings> VoIP Server Settings

Fill in the 3CX IP address, the VoIP server template will be configured as SPS mode.

                                           Figure 6 Configure the VoIP Server Template as SPS Mode

Trunk Type: Service Provider

Type: SIP

Provider Name: Name the SIP trunk, 3CX

Hostname/IP: fill in 3CX IP address,

After saving and applying the changes, you will see the trunk is ‍“OK” on ”FXS port status”

                                                   Figure 7 the status of SIP trunk on TA410


 4. IP to Port

In this section, we introduce how to achieve making outbound calls from 3CX through PSTN line on TA410

                                                               Figure 8 IP to Port


Step 1. Create one outbound route on 3CX

Path: Outbound rules> Add

To make external calls from 3CX through TA410’s PSTN trunk, you need to create one outbound route on 3CX

                                                           Figure 9 outbound route on 3CX

Rule Name: You can name it whatever you want, to_TA410

Calls to numbers starting with prefix: if it is configured which means you need to dial the prefix ahead of your number, in the settings you have to call 0+external number

Call from extensions:

define which extension can call from the route, example: extension 100

Route: choose the SIP trunk, TA410


Step 2. Configure “IP to Port” Route on TA410

Path: Gateway> Routes Settings> IP->Port

Leave all the default settings on this page, which allows you to call any external number.

                                                            Figure 10 IP to Port Route Page

Simple Mode: Yes

Route Name: Name the route name whatever you want

Call Source: Call from the SIP Trunk of 3cx, trunk name 3CX

Call destination: Call through PSTN line out. For example: FXO-3. And you can also choose port group as the call destination.


Path: Gateway> Port List> Port Group

Here you can name the group and choose the line into the selected box and also select the strategy for the PSTN line. For example, if you choose the port group as the destinations as below, the call will out through the line which is least used.

                                                                     Figure 11 the port group


Step 3. Test a call from 3CX.

Now, you can use 3CX phone system’s extension to make external calls through the port 3 on TA410. Do not forget to add digit 8 before the called number cause prefix is set to 8 on 3CX outbound route. For example, if you want to call 15880270600, you need to dial 815880270600


 5. Port to IP


In this section, we configure incoming calls to 3CX through PSTN trunk on TA410.

                                                                Figure 12 Port to IP


Step 1. Create an inbound route on 3CX.

Path: Inbound Rules> Add DID Rules

                                                             Figure 13 Port to IP Route Page

Name: you can name it whatever you want

DID/DDI: the DID of the inbound route. Calling party should dial this DID to reach the destination of 3CX

Destination for calls during office hours: choose the destination. For example call to extension 100

Destination for calls outside office hours: choose the destination. For example call to extension 100


Step 2. Configure “Port to IP” Route on TA410.

Path: Gateway> Routes Settings> Port->IP

Choose Simple Mode to “Yes” and set Hotline to 8888, which is the same number with the DID number set on 3CX Inbound route.

                                                                 Figure 14 Port to IP Route Page

Simple Mode: Yes

Route Name: Name the route name whatever you want

Call Source: Call from PSTN trunk, for example: FXO-3. You can also choose the call source with port group, in this way the client can dial the line number in the port group to locate the call to 3CX

Call destination: Call to 3CX, choose the SIP trunk, 3CX

Hotline: The hotline here is necessary, and it should be the main trunk number or DID number on 3CX side


Step 3. Test a call.

Dial the PSTN trunk number 05925503301 on your cell phone, the call will be routed to 3CX extension 100.

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