Yeastar Technical Support Procedures


Yeastar Technical Support is offered for our valuable partners, including Distributor and Reseller. As for End user, Yeastar recommends that they obtain support via Yeastar partner where you purchase the device, if you are not able to find partner, you can click here to submit a ticket for evaluation and arrangement. Yeastar Technical Support is FREE for our Certified Partners.


Support method

Self Service


User Guide

Installation Guide

Administrator Guide

Support Knowledge Base


Submit a Ticket

Click here to deliver ticket with the full information for help.


Send Email

You can send email to, which will display in Ticket system as well.


Make phone call

Please call our number if need help urgently, we offer English call service for international requests.

US number:     +1 (972) 914-4899  

China Number:  +86(592) 550-3309


Online chat

Click here you will find chat window to start chat with us. Online chat service is offered for Yeastar Partners only. Partners can login Yeastar Partner Portal to chat with us as well.


Remote Sessions

Remote Sessions will be offered by the case managing agent on his/her own discretion and cannot be requested. For remote sessions, Teamviewer12 is recommended to be used.

Download Yeastar brand Teamviewer version for Windows here and MAC OSX here.

Yeastar will not support the basic remote installation.



Yeastar’s SLA is set to 24 hours after ticket creation is handled within office hours and excludes weekend and holidays.

Yeastar Support Hours

Yeastar China office: 08:45 AM - 22:00 PM (GMT+8), Monday to Friday,

Yeastar US office:  9:00 AM - 17:00 PM (CST),   Monday to Friday

If the time doesn’t match you time, please arrange it with case managing agent in advance.


Here is the whole diagram



1. Why Yeastar recommends that End User contact Yeastar Partners for support?

Yeastar recommends that End Users are supported by our local Partners (Distributor and Reseller). From End Users’ side, local support is always much more convenient. Yeastar will arrange technical training and certification for Partners to make sure our Partners are equipped with the knowledge for supporting End Users.


2. How can I find a Yeastar Partner to obtain support?

Yeastar didn’t publish the whole list of partner currently; you can obtain support from where you purchased our device. If you still cannot find a suitable partner to support you, you can submit a ticket in

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    Buenos días, tengo una central yeastar U100 quiero saber como grabar las llamadas y como poder escucharlas, se necesita de un programa en especial?

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