How to Use Monitor Feature

Yeastar S series allows extension to monitor/barge in the conversation.

Once this feature is enabled, the extension would have the ability to monitor/barge in calls using the feature codes for each monitor mode.

Go to page 'Settings-->PBX-->General-->Feature Code', you would see the feature code option.


Except the general options, you need to configure the extensions respectively for the monitor and the agent who would be monitored.

Spy modes

  1. Extensive: you have the permission to use the following 3 modes.
  2. Listen: you can only hear the call, but can't talk. Feature code: *90
  3. Whisper: you can hear the call, and can talk with the monitored extension. Feature code: *91
  4. Barge-in: you can hear the call and talk with them both. Feature code: *92

Note: Spy feature is working for analog extensions as well.



Here we give you an example of how to use monitor feature. 
Monitor extension 1006 to monitor the calls of agent extension 1005.

Step1. Enable “Allow Being Monitored” in Extension 1005 only.
In this case, extension 1005 is allowed to be spied by other extensions.


Note: If “Allow Being Monitored” is not enabled, it’s impossible for other extensions to monitor this extension, even they have chosen the “Monitor mode”.

Step2. Choose the monitor modes for Extension 1006
In this case, extension 1006 has the right to use the feature code to monitor extension 1005.


If chosen “Listen”, he should dial’*901005’ to start monitoring;
If chosen “Whisper”, he should dial ‘*911005’ to start monitoring;
If chosen  “Barge-in”, he should dial ‘*921005’ to start monitoring;
If chosen  “Extensive”, he can dial ‘*901005’,’*911005’ or ‘*921005’ to start monitoring.

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    Is it able for 1006 to switch the monitor mode during the spy?

    Eg: 1006 dialed *901005 to monitor the conversation between 1005 and outbound customer, but for some reason, he want to whisper to 1005 urgently, is there a short code to dial to switch from listen to whisper?

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