Schedule reboot for TG gateway

As TG doesn't support schedule reboot, so we provide a alternative solution.
It needs a script to realise schedule reboot. With this script, you can do daily reboot or weekly reboot.

In the end of the guide, you can download the sample script.

How to load the script?

1. Make sure the system time of TG is correct.

2. Copy the attached to path /persistent/  via FTP, (Don't edit the file in Windows Operating System)

If you don't know how to logon FTP folder, please refer the general guide: Access FTP of Yeastar device


3. Go to the SSH interface to set the reboot parameters. There are 3 you need to configure in the :


If you don't know how to enter the SSH interface, please refer this general guide:How to Enter SSH interface

1) For daily reboot.


Set startTime to value you want.
Set weekvar equals to week, for example both equal to 7. So that it will reboot everyday.

2) For weekly reboot

week=`date +%w`

Set startTime to value you want.
Set weekvar to a weekday you want. 1 means Monday, 2 means Tuesday ... and 7 means Sunday.
Set week to `date +%w`

4. Reboot TG to let the script take effect.

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