How to Dial 0 for Hotel Receptionist in Yeastar S-Series VOIP PBX


This guide describes how to allow customers to dial 0 to call the hotel receptionist(s) in Yeastar  S-Series VOIP PBX. We can achieve this feature by add a local loop trunk and this feature just can be supported after version

It is also available for other similar scenario of "Dial 0 to reach a specific person or group".


1. Log in PBX web interface, navigate to Settings > PBX > Trunks  create a Peer type SIP trunk.


2. Go to PBX Monitor > Trunk to check the Status of the local loop trunk.


3. Configure inbound route and outbound route of the local loop trunk.

a. Inbound Route

Navigate to Settings > Call Control > Inbound routes, add a new inbound route

Destination is set as the extension number of reception. Or choose other destination according to your scenario.

b. Outbound Route

Navigate to Settings > Call Control > Inbound routes, add a new outbound route

Select the extension which allows to Dial 0 to Receptionist..


 4. Test

When configuration done, dial 0 to ensure you can reach the reception.

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    this is working on the s-series but not working on P-series. 


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    Emre, On P-Series, you can directly create a Ring Group or an extension with 0.

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